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Mattress Sizes in Spain -which is the one for you?

Mattress sizes in Spain

Buying a bed is not a simple task – what type of mattress (pocket spring, foam, viscoelastic), whether or not you need a topper, do you need a headboard, what type of base do you need –  the questions keep on coming.

And there is the big one.   What size should you buy?

What bed sizes are available in Spain?

There is a huge range of sizes available for mattresses.  Here are some of the more common ones (we have put the feet and inches in brackets):

  • Super King Size Mattress 180cm x 200cm (6’0″ x 6’6″)
  • Euro King Size Mattress 160cm x 200cm (5’3” x 6’6’’)
  • British King SizeMattress 150cm x 200cm (5’0″ x 6’6″)
  • Double Size Mattress 135cm x 190cm (4’6″ x 6’3″)
  • Single Size Mattress 90cm x 190cm (3’0″ x 6’3″)

Some of the names that you see here can also have a double meaning – so for example the British King size bed is the equivalent of the American Queen size bed.

Here is a table of equivalent bed sizes:

UKSpainUSAMetric sizeImperial size equivalent
Narrow Single

75 x 190 cm2’6″ x 6’3″
Narrow Single Long

75 x 200 cm2’6″ x 6’6″

80 x 190 cm2’8″ x 6’3″

80 x 200 cm2’8″ x 6’6″
Standard SingleStandard SingleRegular Single90 x 190 cm3′ x 6’3″
Long SingleLarge SingleLong Single90 x 200 cm3′ x 6’6″
Extra Long Single

90 x 210 cm3′ x 6’10”
Large Single

100 x 200 cm3’3″ x 6’6″
Small Double

120 x 190 cm4′ x 6’3″
Small Double Long
Twin Extra Long120 x 200 cm4′ x 6’6″

Spanish Double
135 x 190 cm4’5″ x 6’3″
Standard Double
Double Full or Regular137 x 190 cm4’6″ x 6’3″
Double Size Long
Double Extra Long137 x 200 cm4’6″ x 6’6″

European Double
140 x 190 cm4’8″ x 6’3″

Large Euro Double
140 x 200 cm4’8″ x 6’6″

Spanish King Size
150 x 190 cm5′ x 6’3″
King Size
Queen Size150 x 200 cm5′ x 6’6″

Euro King Size
160 x 200 cm5’3″ x 6’6″
Super King Size
King Size180 x 200 cm6′ x 6’6″
Super King Size200 x 200 cm6’6″ x 6’6″
Long Emperor
Californian Super King Size200 x 210 cm6’6″ x 6’7″

What is the right size of bed for you?

There are a number of things you need to take into consideration when determining the size of your bed.

Who is going to be sleeping in it?

The people that are going to be sleeping in the bed and for how long are both important considerations to take into account when choosing the size.

Guest bed space

If you are looking at a guest bed for example the requirements are going to be less than if you are buying a bed for you and your partner.  Here are a few examples:

  • Kids and teenagers can comfortably sleep on a single mattress, though older teens often appreciate the width of a double mattress.
  • While Spanish double mattresses are suitable for adult couples or guests, it’s often more comfortable to have a UK standard double or European double mattress for two people to sleep on regularly. If deciding between the two, let your room size be your guide.
  • Singles and smaller couples find they have plenty of room on a Spanish double or UK standard double mattress, but it’s best to be sure. One helpful hint: this size is often the most common in retail showrooms, so you can easily judge its size by coming and visiting us.
  • King size mattresses of 200cm length are good options for taller people or for couples who prefer extra room, especially if little ones like to hop into bed with Mum or Dad.

How big is your bedroom?

Mattress size is related to bedroom size

Next, how much space do you have? This is obviously a very important question,  as the bed will need to fit comfortably into the room where it will be used. You especially need to consider the amount of space required for comfortable living, factoring in clearance for doors and drawers, walking around the perimeter of your bed frame and other furnishings., and leaving enough room to rotate your mattress without hitting walls. Generally, this works out to be about 75–90 cm (2’6” – 3’) clearance or more on 2-3 sides.

What is your budget?

Like any major purchase, you need to set a budget. Mattresses, bases, and headboards can range widely in price depending on a huge range of factors. As can be expected, the larger the bed, the more it will cost. However, you will run into other variables including the craftsmanship of the bed and the quality of the mattress. To ensure you find what you can afford for the size you want, please give us a call and we will be delighted to help you choose the best for your budget.

What are your current vs. future needs?

Lastly, be sure to consider your current needs as well as your potential needs for the years to come. Here are a couple of situations.  Imagine you have a 12-year-old who needs a new bed.  In a couple of years time, he or she may well want to have a double bed, so you could save yourself some money by buying the double straight away instead of having to make two purchases in a short period of time.

On the other hand, you may have a son or daughter who is about to fly the nest and convert their bedroom into a guest room.  Buying the size for your guests would seem the sensible thing to do.

The Heat!

It ain’t half hot Mum!  In the summer the nights can get pretty clammy on the coast with temperatures sometimes not dropping below 23 or 24 degrees.  Apart from having a mattress and topper that are well designed for hotter nights, the size of the mattress will also make a difference. Generally speaking the larger the bed the more comfortable you are likely to have with space to spread out!

What are the Most Common Bed Sizes in Spain

Having clarified the issue of the space each sleeper should have in the bed, we show below the most common widths and lengths in SPain:

Most Common Mattress Sizes:

  • 90 x 190 cm
  • 90 x 200 cm
  • 105 x 190 cm
  • 135 x 190 cm
  • 150 x 190 cm
  • 150 x 200 cm
  • 160 x 200 cm
  • 180 x 200 cm

What are the Most Common Mattress Lengths in Spain

In Spain, we can usually find three different mattress lengths:

  • 180 cm: Common for children’s trundle beds.
  • 190 cm: The most common length due to the average height of the population.
  • 200 cm: Increasingly demanded with population growth, common in Europe (Belgium, Holland, Germany).
  • > 200 cm: Custom solutions for very tall people.

What bedding do you already have?

If you are thinking of changing your bed size you should perhaps also think about the bedding you already have.  Going from larger to smaller is not always a problem – fitted sheets can be a little awkward.  However, if you are going from a smaller bed to a larger bed you should take into account that you may require a new duvet as well as sheets. 

6 thoughts on “Mattress Sizes in Spain -which is the one for you?

  1. Mary Irene Hollamby says: looking for an emperor size bed..where are you based

  2. Mary Irene Hollamby says:

    I am looking for a 7ft maybe Emperor size bed and mattress with storage..thank you

    1. Bed Centre says:

      Hi Mary. We are based in Calpe, Spain. We are able to order most mattresses and bases in 200×200 (Emperor size). If you’d like for us to send you any information, please email

  3. Dina Dasani says:

    I want fitted sheet 160*200 good quality where can buy in Madrid

  4. Alya says:

    Hi! I need a 180/200 cam mattress. I live in LA. Do you ship? Thank you!!

    1. Bed Centre says:

      Hi Alya. Unfortunately, we do not ship to LA.

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