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Sleeping in the heat

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Although we look forward to the glorious weather on the Costa Blanca many of us forget about the discomfort and annoyance that follows once the sun has gone down.

It is just so, so hard to sleep! Whether we’re experiencing a heatwave or periods of excruciating humidity, the process is the same: getting tangled in sweat-soaked sheets and throwing off the covers (and clothes) because of the rising temperatures.

However, there are some tricks you can use to end this nightmare situation – our guide is packed with top tips to show you how to sleep in the heat.

Sleep on the terrace or downstairs

Hot air rises and in periods of extreme heat there might be nothing else for it but to set up camp downstairs. If you have a sofa bed or an inflatable mattress, then you may be well advised to create a temporary bedroom in the lounge (think of it as an at-home sleepover).

If you have a terrace with a little breeze, then taking a camping mattress outside could be a last resort.

Pop Your Sheets in the Fridge

Some people swear by putting their sheets in the fridge for a few hours before bedtime. Having recently procured some beautiful cotton sheets you may be loath to store them next to some Stilton or half an onion, but a chilled sheet might just help you fall asleep. The effect is temporary, of course, but providing you wrap your sheets in a bag and only do it on nights when you don’t have any smelly leftovers, it could be worth a go.

Change to a Summer Duvet

While some people are happy to sleep with no covers at all, the rest of us like to feel wrapped up, just a little bit, even in the acrid heat. Swap that marshmallow-like, thick duvet for a summer alternative.

You might want to swap for a lower tog. Togs are just the British way of measuring the warmth of a duvet. The tog has nothing to do with the quality of your duvet, just how warm you can expect it to be. For summer the perfect duvet weight is a 4.5 tog, light and lovely to avoid a sweaty and sticky night’s sleep.

Alternatively you could opt for a lighter weight duvet (this one helps save the ocean too) This does just what it says on the tin… provides you with a duvet that is perfect for the entire year…. a 4.5 tog (for summer) and a 9 tog (for spring / autumn) as two separates that can be popped together to create a cosy 13.5 tog duvet (perfect for chilly winter nights). We have ‘All Seasons’ options in all our duvet fillings, so you’re spoilt for choice.

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