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Luxury on a Budget: Affordable Bedding Upgrades for Rentals

Affordable Bedding Upgrades for Rentals

Better bedding in your rental can greatly improve the guest experience. It can also raise satisfaction, all while staying in your budget. Good ratings on the rental platforms like Airbnb means more future bookings. Here’s a comprehensive guide to achieving a luxurious look and feel affordably:

1. Invest in Quality Basics

High-Thread-Count Sheets. Sheets with a higher thread count are softer and more durable, which is key to creating a luxurious feel. Look for sheets in the 200-300 thread count range. These often balance quality and cost well. Take a look at the sheets that we have in the ​Bed Centre​. Here are just a few:

Nancy Extra Deep Cotton Fitted Sheet

30,0040,00 incl. VAT
Beautifully soft 200 thread count Portuguese cotton fitted sheet with a 35cm box

Nancy Sheet Set

58,00109,00 incl. VAT
Beautifully soft  200 thread count Portuguese cotton sheet set. Available in white or ivory.
Lasa Home Royal Sheet

Single Royal Cotton Fitted Sheets

28,00 incl. VAT
A high quality, 200 thread count Portuguese fitted sheet in a wide selection of stunning colours.

Diverse pillow options. They include memory foam and down alternatives. They can enhance comfort. We have a very wide range for all types (Bed Centre)​.

Plush Mattress Toppers. A good mattress topper can greatly improve the comfort of your mattress. You can do this without the expense of replacing it. Memory foam and down alternative toppers are excellent choices.

2. Layering for a Luxurious Look

Multiple Layers. Create an inviting bed by layering different elements. Start with a fitted sheet, add a flat sheet, then a lightweight blanket, and finish with a duvet or comforter. This not only looks luxurious but also provides versatility for different weather conditions

Decorative Throws and Cushions. Throws and decorative cushions add texture and visual interest to the bed. These can be updated seasonally for a fresh look.

3. Elegant Yet Affordable Duvet Covers

Neutral Colors and Classic Patterns. Neutral-colored duvet covers and covers with timeless patterns appeal to many people. They also give a high-end look. Opt for colors like white, beige, or soft greys, and patterns like stripes or checks.

Mix and Match. Buying duvet covers and pillow shams separately allows you to mix and match. This creates a custom look without the custom price. Consider combining solids with subtle patterns to keep things interesting yet coordinated .

4. Focus on Small Details

Bed Skirts and Shams. Adding a bed skirt and matching pillow shams can greatly upgrade a bed’s look. They hide any under-bed storage and give a polished, finished look. These items are often available at stores like Kohl’s and Bed Bath & Beyond at affordable prices .

Matching Bedside Accessories. Ensure that bedside tables, lamps, and other accessories complement the bedding. Coordinating these elements creates a cohesive and luxurious feel throughout the room. Look for affordable yet stylish options at places like Ikea and Target .

5. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Options

Organic Cotton. The sheets and pillowcases are made of organic cotton. They are eco-friendly. They are also very comfortable and luxurious. You can find them at low prices from retailers like The Company Store and Pottery Barn.

Bamboo Bedding. Bamboo bedding is soft and tough. It has natural moisture-wicking properties. This makes it excellent for coastal climates, like the Costa Blanca. Look at our Bamboo Mattresses for some great examples.

Smattex Manhattan Mattress

Manhattan Mattress

Reversible, Summer and Winter sided pocket sprung mattress with natural fibres. 

6. Personal Touches for a Unique Experience

Monogrammed Linens. Adding monogrammed initials to pillowcases or towels can add a personal touch. They can make your rental property feel special. It can also make it seem more upscale.

Custom Headboards: If budget allows, consider adding a custom headboard to your beds. This can be a focal point in the bedroom and significantly enhance the luxurious feel. We have a wide range of headboards. Your guests will remember them. They will also give the support your guests need during their stay.

New York Floor Standing Headboard

New York Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard

Affordable upholstered headboard available as floor standing or wall mounted. 
Africa Floor Standing Headboard

Africa Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard

A premium upholstered  floor standing headboard available in a wide selection of fabrics and faux leathers. 
Diamond Headboard

Focus on these key areas. You can upgrade your rental property’s bedding to give guests a luxury experience. Do this while staying within budget. Good basics are a smart investment. Layering them well and minding small details can greatly improve your rental’s impression.

If you want to discuss options or place a large order for a full refurb of your rental property, come in and see us. We have over 30 years of experience in fitting out rental properties on the Costa Blanca. We know what works. Give us a call to fix an appointment – 96 583 6814

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