Free Monogramming Service

Free Monogramming Service

Laundry Issues

Many of our customers have mentioned that the laundry looses their sheets, pillowcases or duvet covers or even gives back inferior quality bed linen to those which were given to  them.

One solution to the problem is to have your sheets etc. monogrammed with your name or the name of your house/villa. They can be easily identified by the laundry and don’t get lost.

These Pillowcases were monogrammed for a lovely couple who rent their apartments on Air BNB. They were so pleased with them that they made a feature of them on their listing.

After getting so fed up with loosing his sheets, this gentleman went all out for our Portuguese cotton sheets and duvet covers for all his beds….he says he hasn’t lost a sheet since and every time he goes into the laundry they shout “Señor Casa Ninja”.

Any sheet, pillowcase or duvet cover that you buy from The Bed Centre can be monogrammed. Just let us know your preferred colour and the name you want and we’ll do the rest.

We can also use a different colour for each size of bed linen so you will never pick up the wrong size again!


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