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New Bedding for the Winter

New Bedding for the Winter

This winter, due to the current situation, it is even more important to have a good blanket, duvet or throw for your bed. With the rise in electricity prices and the need for savings in gas consumption, it is more than necessary than ever to prepare for the cold winter nights.

When the cold weather hits our homes we are always looking for the best solution to provide us with the warmth we need for the winter months. One of those places that most requires our special attention is, without a doubt, the bedroom and in the bedding that will dress our beds during the winter season. At The Bed Centre we want you to be warm and that’s why today we bring you some important tips so that you can learn all the secrets about bed linen in winter and how to dress it properly so that you can sleep peacefully every night at the perfect temperature. 

First of all… Do you know how cold it is in your bedroom?

It’s important to know what temperature we usually have in our bedroom. Many of the houses up and down Spain are built for the heat and in the winter they are not always so well insulated against the cold.  So although the winters are milder than in Northern Europe, we still feel the cold inside our homes. While it is true that there are places that do not need intense heating, nevertheless, when night falls, the temperature of the bedroom can vary significantly even if you don’t know it. For this reason, we need to opt for other better alternatives to find the right warmth in bed. If the room is usually cool at night, cotton sheets are the best solution according to specialists to dress our beds in winter. Consequently, these sheets give you a very pleasant feeling and are a favourite with children and especially with people who are very cold.

Choose your bed linen correctly

When choosing bed linen you should always pay special attention to winter sheets and take into account the following aspects: composition, weight, reaction to moisture, odour retention and drying time. It should be noted that cotton sheets can be used all year round without any problems, even in areas that are not very cold. If your house is very cold, you will also find the ideal solution in sheets made of cotton, as they provide perfect warmth that translates into optimum comfort when sleeping. At the same time, one of their most important characteristics is their light weight, which contributes to greater durability.

In all cases, it is advisable to wash them properly before the first use, thus avoiding the appearance of the well-known unsightly lumps that usually affect the texture of cotton sheets. Remember also to take care in the drying process to avoid unnecessary wrinkling or fading of your sheets.  

Select a good blanket for your bed

There is no doubt that blankets are the best complement for every bed. However, it is important to know how to choose the right blanket for your situation. You can find a wide selection of blankets to suit your taste and size on the market. Cotton blankets, a classic during the winter, are setting a new trend with elegant designs that add sophistication to our beds. In addition, this type of bed linen is easy to wash and is characterised by its great softness and resistance. Without a doubt, it is the ideal choice for the beds of the elderly and children.

Pay attention to duvets

Duvet and Duvet covers in Spain

Duvet fillings and duvets are totally synonymous with the arrival of winter. These items are a must in many bedrooms when temperatures drop significantly. On the market you can find feather fillings, down fillings and even those made of synthetic material. At The Bed Centre we recommend the use of a good down duvet because it offers effective insulation from the cold, with an adequate weight and incomparable comfort. These duvets are the most appropriate for places where temperatures are very low. When choosing a down duvet it is important that you take into account the weight of the filling, since thanks to the density it has, you will be able to obtain greater warmth during the winter.

Another important detail in reference to duvets is that you can choose from an infinite number of covers that will help you to decorate your room according to your personal tastes. Along with the ease of handling and washing, duvet covers help the public to make them their natural favourite bedding.

Duvet and throw combination

If you already have your cotton sheets for this winter, perhaps using a duvet and a throw may be a little too much depending on just how cold your bedroom is (those up on the tops of the mountains take note!). Keep in mind that both items offer a high degree of warmth, but remember that being too warm in bed is just as uncomfortable as being cold. The most important thing is that you are always comfortable and that you can rest peacefully at the ideal temperature for your body. Therefore, the ideal solution is to use two pieces of bedding that combine in temperature and lightness, for example combining a good light down duvet with a cotton sheet that is not too thick.

And for the little ones?

Our children need more comfort for their rest. That is why cotton is a highly recommended material for the sheets that dress their beds because it protects their skin properly, especially when there are cases of atopic skin and, of course, it will help to warm their beds throughout the day.

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