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Folding storage bases, to increase your storage space

Folding storage bases, to increase your storage space

One of the biggest problems we face in our homes is the lack of space. Often, the wardrobes are not enough, and we need more space available to store our things in an orderly fashion. Folding storage bases can solve this problem.

In addition to being a piece of furniture with an attractive design, it is also very practical, as we can store bed linen, blankets, towels, even clothes from another season that we are not using.

Moreover, there are different models of folding bed bases, depending on the use you want to make of them: with drawers, integrated shoe rack or with side opening.

There are also different models depending on the size we need, the type of storage and the prices of folding storage bases.

In this guide, we talk about the different models of folding bed base, so you can buy the one that best suits your needs.

From our point of view, folding storage bases are the best alternative if you are looking for a little more storage space in your bedroom. When you lift it upwards, you discover a whole chest the size of the bed where you can store those objects for which you can no longer find room.

We recommend that you store clothes, shoes, blankets, toys and other items that you are not going to use for a certain period of time in the bed. It is best not to store items that you are going to use on a daily basis –  you’ll need to open the bed too often, which can be inconvenient.

Within the folding storage bases there are different subtypes depending on their use: shoe rack, drawer, side-opening or articulated. We explain some of the characteristics of each one.

Folding storage base with drawers (side or front)

There are also folding storage bases with drawers. This means that the top of the storage base opens upwards, giving way to the hollow of the chest but, in addition, the front part has a pair of drawers. The side to which they open can also vary and be defined. You can find folding storage bases with drawers that open forwards and storage bases whose drawers open to the side.

Africa Divan Base

Africa Divan Base

High quality drawer divan base with hidden chest available in a wide selection of fabrics and faux leathers.Available in all standard sizes up to 200cm wide. 

Articulated folding storage base

The articulated folding storage bases will provide an extra to your rest thanks to the fact that you can easily change the position of your mattress to make it completely to your liking. In addition, you will continue to have the storage space that all folding storage bases offer.

There are two types of storage bases. There are single-piece articulated folding storage bases, like this one, and double-piece articulated folding storage bases, which share a chest but where each person can change the position of their mattress as they prefer.

What to take into account when buying a folding storage bed?

There are several aspects that we must take into account when we go to buy a folding storage and, although we know that it is difficult not to look at it, we advise you that it is neither the price nor the design that makes you decide, but the key points that we explain below:

The cover and the structure

If you do not want to be changing the canapé often, there are two essential aspects to decide on when buying a quality canapé. The cover must not only be reinforced to prevent it from producing annoying noises at night when you move around, and it must also be thick enough to be resistant to possible deformations caused by the passage of time.

Equally important is the fact that the upholstery, the upper part that will be in contact with the mattress, should be breathable and non-slip. This will create a layer of air between the mattress and the mattress cover, allowing air to circulate freely and preventing damp and mould from building up under the mattress.

As for the storage box, choose one with a sturdy, strong and firm outer structure and, if possible, one that has reinforced areas on the inside. If it can be made of durable and strong materials, such as steel, high-strength wood or chipboard, so much the better. Another point to take into account is the height of the drawer. Once you know it, you only have to multiply this figure by the width and length to find out what storage capacity you will have.

Type of opening

The way the bed opens is another aspect to highlight, as depending on it, we will have to make more or less physical effort. Look not only at whether it has a side or front opening, but also at the opening system it uses. The most common are the gas or hydraulic piston systems, with which you can open your bed silently with just a little effort.

However, for those who suffer from back problems or are of a certain age and can hardly make any effort, there are canapés with remote-controlled motorised covers. All you have to do is press a button and your cover will slowly and comfortably open. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


The thickness and material of the walls of the canapé will be proportional to its durability. The thicker it is and the better the materials used in its manufacture, the longer it will last.

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