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Velfont Antidustmite Pillow

Anti-Dust Mite Pillow

31,00 incl. VAT

Perfect for allergy sufferers

Scientifically tested process which maintains anti-allergenic properties after washing    
Velfont Antiácaros Pillow Protector

Anti-Dust Mite Pillow Protector

8,50 incl. VAT

Hypo-allergenic pillow protector with anti-dust mite protection.

The Velfont Anti-dust Mite pillow protector is perfect  for allergy sufferers. A zipped terry-towelling protector with anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatments.  

Belnou Gavina Pillow Protector

Gavina Cotton Terry Pillow Protector

6,50 incl. VAT
The Gavina pillow protector is perfect to help keep your pillow cool at night and protect it from dust mites.  

Mash Anti-dust Mite Pillow

Mash Anti-Dust Mite Pillow

28,00 23,00 incl. VAT

A firm hypo-allergenic pillow.

The Mash Anti-dust Mite pillow with Dacron® is the perfect pillow for allergy sufferers. A medium-firm pillow with anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatments.