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Velfont Antiácaros Pillow Protector

Anti-Dust Mite Pillow Protector

8,50 incl. VAT

Hypo-allergenic pillow protector with anti-dust mite protection.

The Velfont Anti-dust Mite pillow protector is perfect  for allergy sufferers. A zipped terry-towelling protector with anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatments. 

Velfont Dalia Pillow

Dalia Pillow

14,00 incl. VAT

Medium-soft pillow

A full and fluffy pillow perfect for a person of medium structure for side and back sleepers. This pillow recovers its size fast and is washable and hygienic.
Velfont Microduvet Pillow

Micro-Duvet Pillow

58,00 incl. VAT

Medium Luxury Pillow

A superior pillow with both a fibre and down side. The best of both worlds with a turn of your pillow 
Plus Organic Mattress Protector
Plus Cotton Pillow Protector
Thermal-regulating Pillow Protector

Thermal Regulating Pillow Protector

34,00 incl. VAT

Beat the heat

With this slightly quilted pillow protector with 100% cotton cover and Outlast thermal-regulating technology
Top Wool Mattress Protector

Top Wool Quilted Mattress Protector

Quilted natural mattress protector filled with wool and covered in a lovely soft organic cotton.