Choosing your Bed Base in Spain

Choosing your Bed Base in Spain

Choosing a mattress can be a difficult decision with all the different combinations available.  However, once you have made the choice of mattress you need to finish the bed (unless you intend to put the mattress directly on the floor).  The bed base can make the difference between a great night’s sleep and a merely OK night’s sleep.

There are several different types of bed bases available in Spain and making the right choice is important.  We have put together a short guide to help choose the bed base for you.

Slatted Bed Bases

Hukla Klassik Base

Klassik Base

Wooden, slatted bed frame with adjustable lumbar support. 
Kanguro Superlama

Kanguro Superlama Base

Metal framed wooden slatted guest base. Available to buy in a set or as individual bases. 
Multilamina Base

Multilámina Base

Strong multi-slatted bed frame with screw in legs.Available in all sizes. 

The slatted bed base is a very popular choice and for good reason. Economically, it’s a great alternative thanks to being low cost, but still providing great support.

For the warm nights on the Costa Blanca, the slats also allow direct airflow under the mattress, so it just makes sense if you’re in a hot environment. Being transportable is also a big plus, as they’re usually easy to assemble and move around compared to typical bulky bases. This means that for holiday rentals where you need to change bedroom formats or move a bed from one rental to another they offer an advantage.

Take care though, as some bases have slats that have huge gaps between them, and that’s just bad news. We recommend no bigger than 7.5cm between them! 

Their simple structure means that the larger elements of the frame will lose some of their integrity over time, which can lead to noise if you move around at night.

Their simplicity also means that the space under the slats is available for storage which can be an advantage in small bedrooms.

Solid Bed Bases

3D+Polipiel Maxi Base

3D+Polipiel Maxi Base

A premium upholstered deep platform top base available in a wide selection of fabrics and faux leathers.Available in all standard sizes. 
Kanguro Base

Kanguro Base

Solid-topped, chocolate brown guest base. Available to buy in a set or as individual bases. 
Base Tapizada 5 Bar 3D

Base Tapizada 5 Bar

Solid-topped, 5 bar supported base with screw in legs available in white, chocolate brown, grey and beige.Available in all sizes. 

The Solid bed base is a simple and affordable way to have a bed. A generally durable steel frame is reinforced with steel bars that provide firmness and stability.  They are more sturdy than the slatted base.  

The solid bed base will provide strong, balanced support for your mattress from head to toe and from side to side.  It’s a great option for those who prefer a little extra support to sleep comfortably through the night. In addition, the solid base will better distribute the load of your mattress, ensuring that it wears more evenly for longer life.

If you are looking for a softer sleeping experience you need to try a solid base and other bases with the same mattress.  The solid base will give an overall firmer sleep.

Storage or Ottoman Bases

Burgess Ottoman Base

Burgess Ottoman Storage Divan

Wonderfully crafted, strong ottoman storage base available in a stunning selection of fabrics. 
Canape Barbara

Canape Barbara

A premium upholstered storage base available in a wide selection of fabrics and faux leathers. Available in 160 x 180/190/200, 180 x 180/190/200 and 200 x 180/190/200. 
Canape Blanca

Canape Blanca

A premium upholstered storage base available in a wide selection of fabrics and faux leathers.Available in all standard sizes up to 160 wide.

Storage or ottoman mattress base is a style of base that allows the platform top part, where the mattress sits, to be lifted up. The base itself is generally solid.  

This style of base has become more popular as they offer a large protected storage area.  This can be very useful for storing summer or winter duvets or extra blankets or bedding.  

Ottoman beds allow you to store far more than bases with drawers as you don’t have the space divided.  Furthermore, if you have bedside tables that might interfere with the drawers, the Ottoman offers the advantage of not having to move the tables to access the storage area.

An Ottoman base works on the principle of pistons or more commonly gas struts taking the weight of the mattress both on its rise up and its movement back down. The gas struts are very similar to those found in the boot of most cars.  They take the weight of the mattress and won’t budge if there are sudden movements.  They also assist in lifting the whole mattress which with bedding could be very heavy.  Maintaining the gas struts is highly recommendable although they should be good for many years.

Upholstered Bed Frames

Gomarco F16 Base

F16 Base

Modern upholstered base available in many stunning fabrics. 

If it’s luxury you’re looking for, upholstered beds are your choice.  Also known as Divan bases, these bases can be upholstered in a range of materials and of course colours. These beds are comfy, bold, and can easily fit into a wide range of spaces.  They can be solid, sprung or have padding on the top to place the mattress.

This type of mattress comes in two forms, the sprung edge and the platform top. The traditional upholstered divan bed has the sprung edge design, where the base is made up of coil or pocket springs that provide cushioned support for the mattress. This can help minimise wear and tear on the mattress.

They will often come with a choice of different legs. The choices can be the type of material (steel, wood etc.), the form (round or square) and the colour.

The platform top has a solid top and gives a firmer feel to the bed. This is generally the cheaper option but is recommended for some mattress types such as non-sprung memory foam or solid latex.

If you are purchasing an upholstered bed base they generally come as a single unit, so you need to make sure that they can get into the bedroom via the normal route!

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