At The Bed Centre we offer our clients the best advice on buying the correct bed and accessories to suit their requirements. Here you will find information and tips on delivery issues and how to get the right bed for you.

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With over 20 years of trading in beds on the Costa Blanca, we understand the pressure and time constraints of a flying visit or the need for time for those leisurely lunches and sun soaked beaches, after all we assume that is why you are here. We would like to be able to pass on our expertise to you and make your time here more trouble free, enjoyable and comfortable.

Delivery is free within our geographical area from Gandia to Alicante (please ask for a quotation outside these areas) and we aim to fit in with your plans so don't hesitate to let us know if you need your beds to sleep on the first night you are here or prefer a morning or afternoon delivery.

We assemble all our beds at your home and supply non-slip castor cups for divans. We can also take away your old bed for disposal if you would like us to. This way you are left with no rubbish or phone calls to make to your local town hall in Spanish.

Our Products

Tips for buying beds abroad

Back in 1988, a ground-breaking study by sleep expert Dr Chris Idzikowski found that swapping an uncomfortable old bed for a comfortable new one could account for an average of 42 minutes' extra sleep - four times that achieved by over the counter sleep aids. So, if you need to improve the quality of your sleep, one of the most important things you need to do is to make sure you're sleeping on the right bed.

Sizes Explained

There are many "standard" sizes in Europe. Each country has its own set of rules when it comes to beds and bed linen.
Make sure that if you want to bring over bed linen from home that you check the sizes and stick to one country's standard.

Standard UK sizes
3' x 6'3"
90 x 190cm
4'6" x 6'3"
135 x 190cm
5' x 6'6"
150 x 200cm
6' x 6'6"
180 x 200cm

4’6" x 6’6"
135 x 200cm
6’6" x 6’6"
200 x 200cm
7’6" x 7’3"
230 x 220cm
8’6" x 7’3"
260 x 220cm

If you have a request for a special size, please don't hesitate to ask. We can supply most European sizes in all beds and linen.

Our Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right bed?
Comfort is very subjective. Some people like to feel as though they are sinking into their bed whilst others prefer to lie on the surface. We want bed-buyers to come in and  try out a selection of beds  - after all you are going to be spending up to 8 hours a night in your bed so there is no substitute to trying before you buy and selecting the right one for you. There are lots of different 'feels' around but with over 25 beds in our collection each made with a different filling you have lots of choice.

How can I tell that a bed will be comfortable for me?
Spend more time making the right choice of bed - trying each out properly in store; assessing from previous experience the level of firmness/softness you like. It's your decision, AND AN IMPORTANT ONE, so take your time.

Should I buy a hard bed to ease my aches and pains?

What you need is a new bed that offers the right support for your spine (not necessarily firm at all!) Remember that the term orthopaedic and other derivations of the word only mean that the bed is a firmer specification from that manufacturer. There are no universal standards of firmness in common usage in the UK. BUT if you have a back or skeletal problem you should consult your GP or Specialist before buying.

What is Memory Foam?

Memory Foam is a special type of foam originally invented by NASA to help astronauts cope with g-forces in space. It is now used as a top layer for mattresses, which gives pressure free support to the sleeper. Memory foam is also used in combination with different spring systems including pocket springs with give the sleeper wonderful support but with a layer of pure comfort on top.

Will a more expensive bed be better to sleep on?

Not necessarily as comfort is a matter of individual preference; a very firm expensive bed may be uncomfortable if you prefer a softer mattress, but a better quality bed will be more expensive than a poor quality one because the thicker, more luxurious mattress fillings and covers are more costly.

Are English beds bought is Spain guaranteed?
Although The Bed Centre is outside the UK, all guarantees are backed by the UK manufacturer.

Do I have to buy a new base if I'm replacing my old mattress?
We always recommend you to buy base and mattress together because the two are designed and manufactured to complement each other in terms of support. Your mattress may show visible signs of wear and tear but the base will have had equal pressure and strain - it just doesn't show quite so clearly. If you purchase from different manufacturers any warranty may be compromised if the manufacturer deems the base to be unsuitable to support the mattress or vice versa. Another point to watch is to make sure the dimensions of any base and mattress separately sourced are compatible.

What is a Pocket Spring mattress?

Pocket Sprung mattresses feature rows of individual pocketed lightweight springs that move independently and mould to the shape of your body. Mattresses featuring pocket springs are available with a variety of different spring counts for different levels of comfort and offer a superb level of support.

How long are the beds guaranteed?
The guarantee can be from one year to 15 years depending on the bed you choose

Are the beds flammability tested?
Yes. As part of the rigorous testing procedures, all beds must pass the threshold for domestic flammability risk.

Have you got a brochure to send out containing all the beds you stock?
At The Bed Centre we stock a wide range of products including divans, bedsteads, mattresses and headboards and we always try to keep up with new technology so our range is continually being updated. We would be delighted to answer any questions or give quotes either by telephone or e-mail.

What should I expect from my new bed?
Chances are that the springs and upholstery in your current bed are not what they used to be, so your new bed may seem a little strange at first. Please allow time for your body to adjust and the mattress to settle and you will be sure to receive a great night’s sleep.

How should I care for my new bed?
In order to ensure that you receive the very best support, comfort and life from your new bed, it is essential that you follow the care instructions as provided with the product.

How long should my bed last?
It varies according to the type of bed and the amount of usage but, as a general rule, if you wake up with aches and pains which disappear over the course of the day, you are not sleeping as well as you did a year ago or the mattress shows signs of wear, it is probably time to change your bed.

How do I dispose of an old bed?

The Bed Centre will dispose of an old bed or mattress when you purchase a new one from them.
If you buy from a shop that doesn’t offer this service, your Local Authority waste disposal/refuse collection service will usually take large items on request but normally you will have to call them, which can be inconvenient if you don’t speak Spanish.